Individual designed user interface for every client

Flash Flipbook Catalog

Interactive moving parts

For every client we make special designed user interface (menus, icons, loaders and all other graphical elements. We integrate high quality flipbook catalog with great features like one click zooming, downloading catalog in PDF, printing catalog directly from virtual tour, slideshow, … We can make interactive moving parts in virtual tour like opening a car hood, or make movable some interesting parts in your virtual tour.

2D/3D positioned sound samples and effects

Video samples

Automatic and Audio guides

3D positioned sound is very important and adds additional impression how some interior or exterior sounds. We can even make some objects make sound. 2D/3D positioned video samples (video spots, ads, youtube video, …) can be implemented on objects in virtual tour or on user interface. We can also implement automatic guides wich walks you trough virtual tour and highlight some interesting parts of your interior/exterior. In addition it is possible to make audio guides which together walks and talks you trough virtual tour.

Photo Galleries

Animated 3D positioned info points with textual and photo descriptions

Contact forms

Photo gallery can be integrated to any info point in virtual tour or on user interface. Every photograph can have description. Animated info points like icons positioned in virtual tour can call text/photo descriptions of some parts or object in virtual tour. We can integrade contact forms so end user can send questions/enquiry  directly to your e-mail address. Fields can be customized.

Booking forms

Quick Selector


For hotels, restaurants, we can make booking forms so end user can send enquiry for room or table resevation. Quick selector allows you fast and simple switching between virtual panoramas in virtual tour. Floorplans gives you great and complete overview over your interior/exterior and like in Quick Selector you can easly switch between virtual panoramas in your virtual tour.

iOS and Android compatible

HDR virtual tour

Our virtual tours can be viewable on devices which use iOS (iPhone) and android operating system. We make HDR (High Dynamic Range) virtual tours which adds new dimension and professional look to virtual tours.